Lon Lane's Inspired Occasions


Lon Lane receives Gillis Center Spirit Award for 2012

At the 31st Annual Spirit Award Celebration held April 20, 2012 Lon Lane, president of Inspired Occasions, received one of the five 2012 Spirit Awards awarded by the Gillis Center for exemplary service to nonprofit organizations and individuals in the Kansas City Metro area.

Among the hundreds of nonprofit organizations Lon Lane has contributed his services to are City Union Mission, Wayside Waifs and Elmwood Cemetery. Lon’s contribution many times involves a less visible involvement because he works with an organization’s development team to create an event. His work results in more sponsorship and ultimately more money raised for the charities he supports.

Lon Lane is truly an outstanding Kansas Citian, working to bring awareness of needs within the city and to make dreams come true leading to a better community.

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