Lon Lane's Inspired Occasions


Inspired Occasions Supports Crested Butte's Center for the Arts

Annually, Lon Lane’s Inspired Occasions is privileged to cater a fund raiser for Crested Butte’s Center for the Arts. This year’s event theme, “I Remember Pappa,” was hosted by Terri and Chris Van Dohlen in their Crested Butte, Colorado home.

Nestled in a valley in the shadow of Crested Butte Mountain is the old west town of Crested Butte, Colorado. The mission for their Center for the Arts is to enrich and expand community participation in the arts, which include concerts, theater, dance, speakers, conferences, visual arts, and more by featuring local community art. The second floor of the Art Center houses the Piper Gallery—a visual and multi-media art gallery—which is a popular venue for local artists to exhibit.

Inspired Occasions created a tribute to the author, Ernest Hemingway, featuring traditional Key West, Florida and Cuban cuisine, favorites of the author. Attended by forty art fans, the meal was a brilliant success. Both photos and a detailed menu can be seen here.

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I was very pleased with how things went last night. The food was great! My carnivorous husband loved the cauliflower sliders. The staff was very professional and fun to work with. Overall an A+!!! Thanks so much for all your help.