Hiring Wedding Staff to Ensure The Reception and Meal Runs Smoothly

A wedding reception is not a regular affair. It requires meticulous planning with or without the help of professional event managers depending upon the scale of the event and the number of guests. In any case, you must hire a team to take care of the guests, so they are well fed and taken off.

A Special, First Moment to Celebrate a Married Couple

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Hire professionals and enjoy the event.

Hiring wedding staff begins with deciding the team members. The team must have the capacity to plan, arrange logistics, manage the crowd, and ensure that each guest is taken care of. First comes the key player, planner, or the team lead, who would be in charge of the reception and meals. Food and drinks service in any wedding reception has to be flawless, and you might want to keep a separate head from catering as well.

Depending on the number of guests invited, you would have to decide on the size of the reception team. It would also depend a lot on your budget. If your guest list includes VIPs and people who might be important to your business, let the reception team know about your expectations from them and the protocols they need to maintain.

Work With a Professional Wedding Service Company

A professional wedding service company can be the element between a good wedding reception and a great one. It is important that you interview multiple agencies and their staff to find the right team that meets your requirements.  Taking feedback from friends, relatives, and online reviews about event managing agencies is a good starting point. The team leader must be resourceful, be able to multitask, and have good management abilities to tackle tricky situations that may arise. 

If your invitees include people from different communities who speak different languages, you may include someone in the reception team from the same community.

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Classic Spring Wedding Menu and Table Décor


Classic Spring Wedding Menu and Table Décor

The spring season might be one of the most popular seasons for weddings. The mild, sweet weather and the blooming flowers expand the range of options to put together an unforgettable wedding. A spring wedding menu is an opportunity for fresh produce and pleasant, bright flavors.

Appetizers, Main Course, and Dessert

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A spring wedding menu is an opportunity for fresh produce and pleasant, bright flavors.

“Deviled eggs” is a classic food and a wonderful option on an appetizer menu. Perhaps one of the easiest to snack on, spring rolls also allow for a variety such as meat and vegetarian options. They’re super light as well. Goat cheese crackers are usually a crowd favorite and quite versatile as well. It can be served with leeks and peppers, mini toasts, or lettuce leaves.

For the main course, roasted vegetable couscous is another versatile option that goes well with a number of main course staples of a wedding menu, such as roasted chicken and fish. It can be paired with whatever you wish for your spring wedding menu. For an option for fish, salmon is a delightful addition to a spring wedding menu. It is paired up with asparagus and puff pastry for a fulfilling main course.

When it comes to dessert, a spring wedding menu needs to mention a carrot somewhere at least once, and why not a carrot cake? It can be served as cupcakes or in shot glasses for a sophisticated light dessert option. Parfaits are so incredibly versatile and are quickly becoming quite popular. They can be served in a number of ways to offer different combinations of flavors.

Make use of season foods to create the perfect spring wedding menu that’s fresh, clean, bright, and uses all the fresh local produce.

Table Decorations

Another essential component of a spring wedding is decoration! Keep decorations refreshing and bright. It would be near-criminal not to take advantage of all blooming flowers for table decorations. Apart from the flowers, choose light or pastel color themes for the design.

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