Corporate Catering for Outdoor Parties and Events

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Outdoor corporate parties and events are now safe, plus a statement of prestige and elegance. Whether it’s a celebration of unprecedented milestones or a farewell party to a dedicated employee, corporate events create more productive networks. And corporate catering services execution is so much easier.

Benefits of Corporate Catering

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Catering for outdoor events requires expertise.
  • Accommodates dietary preferences – Using outside catering services lets you provide your guests with a wider variety of menu options. Since corporate caterers are already equipped and trained to handle most dietary requests, you will be able to cater to more nutritional preferences, like sugar-free, gluten-free, or vegetarian choices.
  • Secures food safety, quantity, and quality – You can leverage the experience of corporate caterers to get a high-quality fare. They can help determine the amount of food that’ll be enough for all your guests as well. Using a professional caterer also ensures high-quality standards.
  •  Budgetary criteria – It can be hard to estimate the amount of food and drink you’ll need for an outdoor corporate event or party. So there’s a chance you’ll need to have a little experience to develop a reasonable budget. Professional corporate caterers have this experience.
  • Reduce anxiety and save time – When you use corporate catering services, you’ll have more time to enjoy the party or event and mingle with guests because you won’t have to worry about cleaning up and preparing before the event. 

Corporate Catering Styles

Perhaps the most significant advantage of using corporate catering is all the available catering styles of outdoor parties. You can outline your vision, and the service providers will give you options, including:

  • Barbeque
  • Picnic
  • Buffet
  • Formal dinner

Corporate catering services are what could help take that outdoor corporate event or party of yours to the next level. If you want to more about all this, contact us for more information.

How to Host an Outdoor Dinner Party


An outdoor dinner party can be a wonderful dining experience. When it’s warm outside, the sun is shining, and the birds are chirping away, there aren’t many who wouldn’t have a huge smile when dining in such an environment. However, planning outdoor dinner parties is slightly different from traditional indoor ones.

Challenges of Hosting an Outdoor Dinner Party

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An outdoor dinner party can be a wonderful dining experience.
  • Weather– You can never really predict what kind of weather to expect, especially for parties planned several weeks or even months in advance. Unforeseen weather changes are always a possibility during an outdoor dinner party. When dealing with the weather, the best strategy is to anticipate all the feasible outcomes and plan how you’ll deal with them.
  • Equipment Failure– Most outdoor dinner parties will require electrical and seating equipment. Ensure you’ve got backup generators or enough extension cords. If you have tents on standby, make sure you have a plan of how you can quickly set them up in case of bad weather conditions.
  • Lack of Enough Food and Beverage– It can be hard to determine how much food you’ll need to satisfy all your guests. Of course, you should always know how many guests you’ll need to care for. However, you should still consider making a little extra food, so you don’t send some guests home hungry.
  • Lack of Enough Seating Space– You need to determine whether you have enough seating space for your guests before you plan a dinner party. You can either have a traditional table seating set up or go with blankets and patio furniture. The options are endless with outdoor dinner parties since the outdoors allows you to be creative.

Are you looking for creative ways to upgrade your outdoor kitchen space so you can have an epic outdoor dinner party? Contact us at Inspired Occasions for more on how we can help you make this happen.