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3 Ways to Incorporate Branding Into Your Private Event

Your next corporate/company private event doesn’t have to be business as usual. Instead, you can make it an opportunity to get your brand in front of key clients and employees, which will help solidify your business relationships and boost productivity after the event concludes. In order to do this, incorporate these three ways to incorporate branding into your private event into your planning strategy.

Social Media Engagement

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Create a hashtag for your event . This will allow guests to easily follow and engage with all posts related to your event. Make sure to promote the hashtag before and during the event.

Also, make it easy for guests to promote your event on social media. Provide guests with easy-to-use sharing buttons on your event website or app. You can also create shareable images or videos that guests can post on their own channels.

Eye-Catching Signage

No matter what kind of event you’re throwing, eye-catching signage is a must. Not only will it help guide your guests to the right location, but it will also help get them excited about the event. Here are three ways to incorporate branding into your signage:

  1. Include a hashtag on your signage that’s easy for guests to share on social media 
  2. Use a step-and-repeat banner so that guests can take pictures as they walk in to share with others 
  3. Put up banners with company or corporate logos

Provide Inspiration

At Inspired Occasions, our event planners are experts at incorporating branding into private events.  Every corporate/company event is a branding opportunity. Our team of professionals can provide you with help in every step of the process: from picking the right venue, down to designing the perfect invitations for your guests. When it comes to providing inspiration, our event planners can offer advice and guidance about how best to use color palettes and design elements for maximum impact.

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