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Bring The Office Together With Catered Lunch

Lunchtime can be the best time of the day to connect with coworkers and inspire each other, especially if you’re working from home or in an otherwise remote location from the rest of your team. By bringing the office together for a catered lunch, you’ll have the opportunity to have meetings in person and even brainstorm new ideas, all while enjoying an awesome meal together.

Why Catered Lunch

Nothing brings people together like good food.

Nothing brings people together like good food. To foster collaboration and camaraderie, consider ordering a catered lunch for your office. And don’t worry about disrupting work — this isn’t a last-minute brainstorming session; it’s just a change of pace from everyone’s daily routine. In fact, according to an infographic by Workopolis , employees who have catered lunches are more productive in their afternoon tasks than those who eat at their desks or bring in leftovers. Plus, you can make it fun by inviting coworkers to submit ideas for menu items they would like to see on offer that day. As long as there is a variety of options (and plenty of vegetarian/vegan choices), there will be something for everyone.

Spoil Your Employees

By changing up your employees’ typical day and offering a catered lunch that everyone can enjoy together, you can also inspire them to work harder and be more creative. Not only does taking a break from their usual routine give them something fun to look forward to, but it also breaks up their typically mundane day. Offering up a meal that everyone enjoys will bring out their best creativity because it reminds them why they got into business in the first place: To create things people love. It might seem like an unnecessary expense at first glance, but when you consider how much happier your employees are with their job, how much better they do at it, and how much better those around them do as well — it’s easy to see that investing in employee happiness is always worth it.

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