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Catering Tips for Employers Planning a Corporate Event

Employers face a particularly daunting task when planning a corporate event by providing the catering services needed. To help make your work easier, we have provided below some catering tips that can assist you when you are planning a corporate event. 

3 Catering Tips for Corporate Event Planning

A professional event planner ensures that the catering services at your corporate event are top-notch. 
  • Create an Appropriate Budget: When establishing your budget, consider the theme of the event, the number of employees that will be in attendance, and your ideal location for the event.
  • Ask to Sample the Dishes Before Selecting a Menu: Sampling the menu is one of the most crucial catering tips. This lets you know beforehand what you can serve your guests what you know they will be comfortable with.
  • Provide a Lot of Food Options: In the process of planning a corporate event, you will need to select a decently wide variation of food options to meet the needs of everyone, including those with dietary restrictions.

How to Choose the Right Catering Style and Menu When Planning Your Corporate Event 

When trying to pick the seating arrangement, table setting, and menu for your corporate event, you have to consider what type of event it is. Formal and casual events require different catering styles. When planning a corporate event, choose a catering style that fits the location of your event and suits the theme you have chosen. It is advised that you work intimately with the catering establishment you hire, so you can customize their services to suit your event.

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