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How to Create a Menu Inspired by a Party’s Theme

Choosing a theme for your party provides you with direction for planning all the aspects of the party, including the event décor, venue, choice of entertainment, and even the food menu. Designing a menu inspired by a party’s theme creates a holistic and more enjoyable experience for your guests. 

How to Create a Menu That Compliments Your Party’s Theme?

Matching your menu with your party’s theme sets the tone for an excellent party.

Planning an event with a theme in mind helps you align your planning decisions towards a specific goal. Not all theme parties have to be costume parties. You may decide to have a theme that centers around a cultural style, sustainability, technology, an era, the season, or even your personality. 

Creating a food menu to compliment your party’s theme involves matching the idea of your theme with dishes that reflect this idea. For instance, if your party’s theme is sustainability, your menu should be sure to include vegetarian options.

How to Choose Complimentary Dishes to Go With Your Party’s Theme 

Here are a few steps to follow when choosing dishes to compliment your party’s theme: 

  • First and foremost, the dishes on your menu should be delicious. Don’t choose a bland dish simply because it matches the theme. Bad food can quickly ruin a party, even if it matches the party’s theme. 
  • Consult with a professional catering company when creating a menu inspired by a party’s theme. Discuss your preferred food choices and how they can be tweaked to compliment your theme.
  • Ensure that the place setting, plates, florals, and sitting arrangement match your party’s theme. 

At Lon Lane’s Inspired Occasions, we create customized menus with delicious culinary choices to fit your party’s theme, whatever it may be. We’re experts at planning all kinds of events, and we handle all the planning details from start to finish. Contact us today to get started! 

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