Get Your Wanderlust Fix with Creative Catering Company Inspired Occasions

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What better way to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion than with some delicious, sophisticated food? The truth is, you can get this without traveling hundreds of miles and leaving the comfort of your own home; all you need to do is hire Inspired Occasions. Our creative catering company specializes in preparing exquisite meals inspired by different cultures and destinations around the world, and our services are perfect for any occasion, from the most intimate dinners to grandiose weddings and corporate events.

What is Travel Inspired Catering?

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Offer to your guests exquisite meals inspired by different cultures and destinations around the world.

From inception to curation, Travel inspired catering provides a unique and personal approach to catering special occasions that encourages social interaction through shared experience. We work closely with our clients, providing a menu that reflects different cultures and destinations. Our objective is to help clients get rid of their travel rut and inspire new journeys. Clients need not concern themselves with hiring additional staff or finding entertaining entertainment — Inspired Occasions does it all! We offer great food & amazing service while helping you create an adventure with delicious foods & fresh ideas. Our menus are created using locally sourced ingredients and imported spices; they also feature recipes inspired by other countries around the world.

How Do I Get Started?

When planning a menu for your party, start with a focal point and work out from there. Think about what you want to showcase. Is it an ingredient? Is it a flavor profile? Inspiration can come from anywhere, but oftentimes people are drawn to ethnic or regional cuisine for their parties. If you’re looking at having a Mexican-themed fiesta, think about what that means. It’s not just tortillas and burritos — it’s fresh herbs like cilantro and lime; it’s chiles; it’s marinated meats; it’s hot peppers, like jalapeños or serranos; maybe some avocados if you really want to go crazy.