Formal Wedding Catering That Tells a Story

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It’s finally the big day. All the invitations have been sent, guests have RSVPed, and the wedding party is ready to get the festivities underway. The event’s story will be told and retold hundreds of times over the coming years, so you want to make sure everything goes perfectly. That’s why you need to invest in a formal wedding catering service. 

The story of a friend’s or family member’s wedding is one full of vivid imagery and love. Ensuring that the venue, menu, and other aspects of the big day are all in order is essential to the success of this story. And, of course, food is always a main part of the equation. It fuels your guests and sums up the evening’s events in a beautiful (and delicious!) way. 

The beautiful story of a couple’s relationship unfolds during an expertly catered wedding.

Food and Your Wedding Story

The food served at your wedding is just as important as the speeches and the décor, so it’s crucial that you have formal wedding catering to match meals with the overall theme and ambiance perfectly. Your wedding story deserves the full experience. In addition to completing the story of your wedding, the perfect catering provides some other benefits as well:

  • Happy guests who will want to stay as long as possible
  • A variety of options to meet all dietary needs
  • Staff to oversee every step along the way

So, before you get too bogged down by the other chapter of your perfect wedding story, make sure you arrange for formal wedding catering!

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Catering For a Stress-Free Family Reunion

It’s no secret that the last year and a half has been tough on everyone. With gathering restrictions and no event spaces available, we haven’t been able to spend enough quality time with our loved ones. As things slowly begin to return to normal, and while we still have a few months of warm weather, it’s important to throw family reunions to get everyone together once again. 

Unfortunately, these events can be stressful in their own way. From preparing meals to sending out invites to setting up the event space, there are so many things for you to consider. Thankfully, professional catering and event services can take most of the burden of providing the full experience off your shoulders!

How Catering Makes Family Reunions Stress-Free

By investing in the services of a catering company, you can greatly reduce the number of tasks that you have to complete prior to the big day. These event professionals have all the resources and expertise needed to ensure that your family reunion is stress-free and goes off without a hitch. The main tasks they can complete for you include:

  • Menu selection, creation, and preparation. They can create a menu that reflects your family with family favorites meals, etc.
  • Setup of dining areas and individual place settings.
  • Offering a wide range of décor and utensil styles to suit any venue or event theme.

Depending on the nature of your reunion, there are lots of other supplementary services that these experts can provide. 

A family enjoys their long-awaited reunion event thanks to professional catering and event services.

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How to Choose a Menu for a Company Event that Everyone will Love


If you’re like most people, choosing the right meal for your Sunday family dinner is already a difficult task. But having to choose a menu for a company event? Well, that’s next to impossible. With all the new fads, dietary restrictions, and the classic picky eaters, there’s bound to be at least a few people who don’t end up satisfied by the meal. Or worse, someone could get sick!

Well, fear not. With the help of a professional occasion planning service, you can ensure that everyone enjoys the company event and loves the meal that’s been provided. These experts will go through a list of factors that need to be considered before making the final meal selection. They are also connected with tons of high-quality chefs that can provide delicious meals for people with any personal, religious, or dietary restrictions. 

With all these considerations outsourced to a professional service, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy an amazing meal with your team. 

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Event professionals help choose a menu for a company event that leaves everyone satisfied and happy!

Choosing a Menu for Everyone to Enjoy

On your mission to choose a menu for a company event that is loved by all your coworkers, the event planning professional will make all of the following considerations:

  • Collect all dietary, religious, or personal food restrictions from all attendees in advance
  • Create a menu and delivery it ahead of time to be examined, modified, and accepted, ensuring everyone will have an option the enjoy
  • Decide whether a buffet-style dinner that allows people to choose exactly what foods they want is ideal
  • Create multiple serving stations to improve flow, keep allergy-prone foods separate, and create a fancy atmosphere

Have a company event coming up that you need to choose the perfect menu for? Reach out to Inspired Occasions to find out more about how our experienced professionals can make your event a success!

How to Host the Perfect Dinner Party

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As fun and enjoyable as dinner parties can be, the evening is often stressful for the hosts. The ones who put in the work to invite guests, plan the event, and set up the party end up being the ones who enjoy it the least. But does it really have to be that way? Of course not.

By outsourcing some, or all, of the stressful planning and execution of your event to a professional service, you can host the perfect dinner party without having to worry about managing every little thing. Event planning experts have the experience, skill, and connections to set up a party that meets your exact specifications. From finding music that matches the theme to setting up the event space with beautiful decor, occasion experts are the perfect solution to your party needs!

Below are the steps these professionals take to make your evening stress-free and memorable!

A professional service helps you host the perfect dinner party by arranging beautiful decor, planning amazing meals, and providing music!

Steps to Preparing the Perfect Dinner Party

Before the evening’s festivities can begin, you need to make sure that the event space, mood, and you, the host, are ready to host the perfect dinner party. Here’s what needs to be done in preparation:

  • Cleaning the event space from top to bottom
  • Rearranging furniture to allow room for mingling and lounging
  • Setting the mood with lighting and background music
  • Finding the host a perfect outfit

Once these steps have been carried out, your event planning staff will take care of the rest. From the perfect menu to professional servers, you’ll be perfectly equipped to host the perfect dinner party:

  • A delicious, customized menu for your guests
  • Beautiful decor and table settings to enhance both theme and food
  • Experienced chefs and servers to keep your guests happy

Best of all, you’re now free to enjoy the company of friends, family, and colleagues without having to bother with the pesky logistics!

If you want to host the perfect dinner party, reach out to Inspired Occasions today and learn more about how our experienced professionals can make your event dreams a reality!